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Welcome to the Compassionate Ocean Sangha

We are an online mindfulness community in the Plum Village Tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh that is facilitated by lay and Monastic Dharma Teachers.


Thursday, 30th November, 8pm DST

Dear Sangha

This month we are reflecting on to the 10th verse in The Discourse on Happiness. It is:

To persevere and be open to change
to have regular contact with monks and nuns,
and to fully participate in Dharma discussions
This is the greatest happiness.

Please feel welcome to join us as Jan, Judy and Debbie facilitate a session of small dharma sharing groups and a guided meditation. The topic for reflection in dharma sharing groups is "Why do we persevere with our practice? In what ways have you refreshed or changed your practice so that it continues beautifully?

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