Sangha meetings and classes

Wednesday, 20th October, 8pm AEDT

Join us for our weekly Wednesday Sangha. Tonight, Jan and Janette will be facilitating as we begin our exploration into service and non-self.

There will be a reflection, guided meditation and regular breakout group sharings.

Thursday, 21st October, 8pm AEDT

Join us for our weekly Thursday Sangha.


Tonight, Tony will be guiding a meditation on non-self and Rose will share a reading of the Discourse on the Middle Way.

Friday, 22nd October, 8pm AEDT
Silent Sitting

Join us for silent sitting meditation followed by walking meditation and Touching The Earth.

Saturday, 23rd October, 8pm AEDT

Join us for our weekly Saturday Sangha.


Tonight, Charmaine and Thuy Cu will be facilitating a reflection, meditation and breakout group sharing based on giving and receiving.

Can you think of a time when you gave and later with the benefit of insight, realised that you actually received more than you gave?

Sunday, 24th October, 8pm AEDT
Book Club

Join us for our monthly book club.


Tonight we'll be discussing the prologue of Thay Phap Hai's book Eight Realizations, Buddhist Wisdom for Waking up to who you really are. (Wholeheartedly and at all times)