Sangha meetings and classes

Thursday, 20th January, 8pm AEDT

You are warmly invited to join us for our weekly Thursday Sangha.

Our facilitators tonight are Jan and Rose. Our session will include brief silent sitting, sharing on the topic and a chance to share in small dharma sharing groups. Then there will be a guided meditation on vulnerability and continuation in nature. We look forward to your presence.


Friday, 21st January, 8pm AEDT
Silent Sitting

You are welcome to join us for silent sitting, walking meditation and then a sutra reading. Tonight's facilitator is Daya.


Saturday, 22nd January, 8pm AEDT

Dearest beloved sangha,

Breathing gently with you, we invite you to a session from Mountain Spring Monastery to commemorate the life of and share our heart-held memories of our dearest teacher Thay. We will share time together with a silent sitting meditation, chanting, offering reflections from the heart. We hope you can join us in this moment to share the precious energy of togetherness,

Bowing deeply,

Compassionate Ocean Sangha/Mountain Spring Monastery

Sunday, 23rd January, 8pm AEDT
14 Mindfulness Trainings Recitation

Your are warmly invited to join the Sangha as we recite the fourteen mindfulness trainings together.