Sangha meetings and classes

Thursday,29th September, 8pm AEST

You are welcome to join us as we continue our reflections on the Epilogue of Br Phap Hai's book 'The Eight Realizations of Great Beings.' Our suggested topic for sharing in small dharma-sharing groups is "By practicing with the sutra / book, how has your capacity changed to choose a different path to one you might have chosen before? "

Then there will be a guided meditation from Blooming as a Lotus (2022) - Chap3, Ex17pp119-121 Touching Nirvana

Our facilitators are Charmaine, Rose and Robert


Friday, 30th September, 8pm AEST
Silent Sitting

You are warmly welcomed to join us for our regular Friday silent sitting, walking meditation and sutra reading facilitated by Thuy, Mark and Debbie.


Saturday, 1st October, 8pm AEST


How exciting, a new month together and a new direction of study to take. Please join us as we start our monthly theme of "touching and nurturing your inner goodness, deep listening, the practice of acceptance, Turning arrows into flowers". This relates to Thich Nhat Hanh's book Creating True Peace, chapter 2.

This session will be facilitated by Charmaine, Robert and Ling.

Sunday, 2nd October, 8pm AEDT

Dear friends, you are welcome to join Compassionate Ocean for a Be-In. Bring your beautiful presence, maybe a poem or a song and just enjoy our time of being together. Our facilitators are Rose, Robert and Ling.