Sangha meetings and classes

Thursday, 26th May, 8pm AEST

Dear respected Thay, dear beloved Oceanistas
Let’s spend a little time together on Thursday 26 May 2022 at 8 pm Sydney time and practice recollecting the qualities of love, generosity and forgiveness, and other flavors of kindness. Our usual Thursday night in COS is to have a small group dharma sharing.

Our question for contemplation is:
What are the bodhisattva qualities that you recognize and enjoy in Compassionate Ocean Sangha, or maybe also in your local Sangha?

We will follow this with a guided meditation and gratitude.
With much Metta
Liz and Jenny


Friday, 27th May, 8pm AEST
Silent Sitting

You are warmly welcomed to join us for our regular Friday silent sitting, walking meditation and sutra reading facilitated by Thuy and Anne. Rose will provide tech support.


Saturday, 28th May, 8pm AEST
Dharma Talk


Please join us for a dharma talk by Br Phap Hai on the Fifth Realisation of Great Beings, Deep listening, vast learning. Ling is our room host.

Sunday, 29th May, 8pm AEST

Dear Sangha, we're having a Happening! Please join Tony and Daya with Ling as tech support at 8pm Sydney time. A Happening is a time to be together to share our practice, our aha! moments and to enjoy each other's presence.