Sangha meetings and classes

Sitting Meditation with the Brothers from Mountain Spring Monastery

Next session Saturday 27th February  at 5.45am AEDT

Sunday, 28th February, 8pm AEDT

Book Club

Join us for our next book club session

Wednesday, 24th February, 8pm AEDT

Jan and Jenny will be facilitating as we continue exploring our theme of taking care of the body with a guided meditation, reflection and breakout groups.

Thursday, 25th February, 8pm AEDT

Tonight, Jenny will be facilitating a deep relaxation and continuing with the Discourse on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness, Part 2.

Friday, 26th February, 8pm AEDT

Silent Sitting

A silent sitting meditation and sutra reading with the brothers from Mountain Spring Monastery.

Saturday, 27th February, 8pm AEDT

Five Mindfulness Recitation

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