Sangha meetings and classes

Wednesday, 28th July, 8pm AEST

Join us for our weekly Wednesday Sangha. Tonight Jan and Lena will be facilitating as we explore liberating our minds with a sharing, reading from Chanting From the Heart and guided meditation. In our breakout groups we'll discuss the question: "In what situations or experiences has your mind felt liberated?"

Thursday, 29th July, 8pm AEST

Join us for our weekly Thursday Sangha. Tonight John will be facilitating a guided meditation and Sutra reading on the topic of liberating our mind. More information to come!

Friday, 30th July, 8pm AEST
Silent Sitting

Join us for silent sitting meditation followed by walking meditation and Touching The Earth.

Saturday, 31st July, 8pm AEST

Join us for our weekly Saturday Sangha. Tonight, Charmaine and Daya will be facilitating a reflection and guided meditation followed by group sharing. 

Sunday, 1st August, 8pm AEST

Join us for another Sunday Happening, as we go with the flow, continuing to explore what exactly a Happening entails.