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Sangha meetings and classes

Thursday,26th January, 8pm AEDT

Dear friends please be welcome to join us for our Thursday Sangha as we continue to reflect on this month's theme "What does it mean to be skillful? How do you harmonize your practice with your lived situation? How does practice help you become more “rooted” in your own ancestral lineage, and how does your own lineage inform your practice?". Our facilitators are Jenny Judy and Robert.


Friday, 27th January, 8pm AEDT
Evening Meditation

You are warmly welcomed to join us for our regular Friday silent sitting, walking meditation and sutra reading facilitated by Thuy Mark and Debbie.


Saturday, 28th January, 8pm AEDT
Dharma Talk

Today's dharma talk by Br Phap Hai is on From the Earth- Lotus Sutra Chapter 2 part 2. We hope you can join us.

Sunday, 29th January, 8pm AEDT


*Dearly beloved noble community, *
It’s Happening again in the Compassionate Ocean Sangha.

A Happening is a special sort of magic. It’s a time for us to share for the heart, speaking from our own experience and reflecting on the themes of our meditations, of what is unfolding inside and around us in our practice. It may be a poem, a story, an image, a song, a narrative or another way that captures your self-expression. Please share. We invite you to bring whatever is happening for you!

Our facilitators are Tony, Daya and Ling

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